What do I do when my documents are complete?

  • Talk to your Health Care Agent(s) to make sure they understand and are willing to perform this important role for you.
  • Remember: to make your Advance Directive legal, you must download, print, sign and date both documents (Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care and Living Will).
  • Give a copy of these signed and dated documents to the following people:
    • Your Health Care Agent(s)
    • Your health care provider(s)
    • NOTE: Honoring Choices® Idaho does not store or save your completed documents.
  • Talk to those you love and trust to make sure they know your wishes and who your Health Care Agent(s) is.
    Keep a signed and dated copy of these documents in a well-known place.
  • If you go to a clinic, hospital or other medical setting, take a copy of these documents and ask that they be placed in your medical record.
  • Schedule to review and update these documents every year and when any of the “Six D’s” occur:
    • Decade: when you begin a new decade in your life
    • Death: you experience the death of someone you love
    • Divorce: your Health Care Agent is your spouse or partner and your relationship ends. A new Health Care agent should be identified.
    • Diagnosis: you are diagnosed with a serious illness
    • Discharge: you are discharged from a hospital stay
    • Decline: your illness gets worse
  • If your goals or wishes change, tell your Health Care Agent(s), your family, your health care provider, and everyone with copies of your Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care and Living Will. You should complete new documents that reflect your current wishes.
  • Make sure you take a copy with you when you are travelling. Most states will accept a properly executed document from another state.
  • Fill out an Honoring Choices® Idaho wallet card and keep an updated card in your wallet.
  • Register your documents online with the Idaho Health Care Directive Registry. A registration form is required and is available on the Registry website. You may also submit documents by mail, via fax (208) 334-2282 or email to: hcdr@sos.idaho.gov. For more details, call (208) 334-2300.

Another option: 

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