Circumstances change throughout our lives. Remember you can change your Advance Directive at any time. Revisit your Advance Directive when any of the Six D’s occur.

  • Decade – when you hit 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90+!
  • Divorce – maybe your agent has changed. But if you wish to have your current partner serve as your agent even if you divorce, be sure to mark that option on your Advance Directive.
  • Diagnosis – you are diagnosed with a serious illness.
  • Discharge – you are discharged from a hospital stay
  • Decline in health – maybe you have a health condition that is fairly well managed but over time you aren’t able to be as independent as you once were.
  • Death – the death of a significant person in your life may cause you to have a different or new value that you want reflected in your own Advance Directive, or, you may need to designate a new agent.


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HCI Advance Directive

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