Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment (POST):

The Idaho POST is a one-page document designed to help health care professionals (doctors, nurses, emergency medical services, long-term care/nursing home staff) and family members understand a person’s goals for care and to honor the treatment wishes of that person. The POST form is a short summary of treatment preferences and a physician’s order for care that is easy to read in an emergency situation. The POST form is not intended to replace a Health Care Directive/Advanced Directive document (living will or durable power of attorney for health care) or other physician orders.

To learn more about the differences and similarities of and Advance Directive and the POST, please review our Education Guide (AD vs. POST)

NOTE: The POST does replace the former Comfort One/DNR as Idaho’s recognized Do Not Resuscitate order. While a Comfort One/DNR form that was completed prior to July 1, 2007, is still valid (as are some DNR orders from other states), it is recommended that a POST be created to replace any other forms of DNR orders.

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