Living Will (a.k.a. “Health Care Directive” or “Advanced Directive” or “directive to physicians”):

A living will is an Health Care Directive/ Advance Directive that describes an individual’s health care wishes for the end of life when that individual is unable to communicate those wishes. In Idaho, this is known as theHHHealth Care Directive” or “Advanced Directive”. The living will is codified in section 030 of the Washington State Natural Death Act (Chap 70.122 RCW) which states that “Any adult person [may] execute a directive directing the withholding or withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment in a terminal condition or permanent unconscious condition” and is required to be signed by the declarer in the presence of two qualified witnesses. The directive specifies whether the declarer does or does not want to “have artificially provided nutrition and hydration” if the declarer is “diagnosed to be in a terminal condition or in a permanent unconscious condition.” (Source: Washington State Natural Death Act. Chapter 70.122 RCW.

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