Honoring Choices® Idaho provides a centralized infrastructure and dedicated staff who:

Coordinate and provide training and technical assistance to organizations to adopt the Respecting Choices Program

  • Advance care planning program design and implementation training
  • Conversation skills for advance care planning Facilitator training
  • Advance care planning Instructor training
  • Redesign workflow to initiate and guide advance care planning
  • Target specific populations
  • Store & retrieve advance care planning documents
  • Improve participant experience
  • Sustain & scale advance care planning

 Develop and distribute standardized advance care planning tools and materials

Coordinate standardized data collection and reporting

  • Prevalence of advance care planning conversations and Advance Directive completion
  • Participation of health care agent
  • Participation satisfaction with guided advance care planning conversation

Coordinate and advocate for system changes

  • Advocacy for state registry improvement
  • Promotion of common approach to advance care planning

Develop and distribute public education and outreach campaign

Take a look at the EXPECTED RESULTS of Honoring Choices® Idaho.

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