Community-wide adoption of the Honoring Choices® Idaho framework will:

Improve Patient Care

  • Enhance shared decision making between individuals, health care proxy, & healthcare providersTranslate informed goals and decisions into written plans
  • Ensure written plans are clear & available when needed
  • Increase patient and family satisfaction with planning and care provided
  • Reduce family stress & anxiety in making decisions
  • Improve skills & capacity of healthcare providers to provide routine planning

Improve Population Health

  • Increase prevalence of written plans (advance directives)Establish a consistent approach to planning across organizations & communities
  • Promote timely referrals for other needed services (care coordination)
  • Engage and motivate individuals & families to participate in planning
  • Provide regular review & updating of written plans
  • Shift time spent on crisis decision-making to early, effective planning

Decrease Unwanted Care

A concerted, community-wide effort:

  • Aligns care to individual’s goals & written plans
  • Reduces unwanted hospitalizations
  • Decreases unwanted hospital care intensity
  • Increases hospice use

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