Are you interested in becoming an ACP Facilitator?

Here's what you can expect.


Role of an ACP Facilitator:

The Advance Care Planning (ACP) facilitator assists individuals with the advance care planning process. In one-on-one meetings or group settings, the facilitator helps people:

  • Explore experiences and faith, cultural and/or personal beliefs that may inform their wishes for future medical care, including end-of-life preferences,
  • Make decisions about their wishes for future medical care, including end-of-life preferences,
  • Identify a health care agent (someone who can make decisions for them if they cannot speak for themselves),
  • Communicate their wishes to loved ones,
  • Write down their wishes in an advance directive, and
  • Ensure that their advance directive is documented in their medical record and reviewed periodically.

The ACP facilitator curriculum was developed by Respecting Choices®. Honoring Choices® Idaho helps to disseminate the Respecting Choices® model in Idaho, in clinical settings and the community.


  • Meet certification requirements by completing 3-6-hours of online education and attending a one-day training session
  • Aim to conduct 4-6 individual or group ACP facilitations per month
  • Report monthly conversation data


  • An individual with an interest and enthusiasm for communicating the benefits of advance care planning. Strong ability to listen actively and remain value-neutral. A clinical background is not necessary.
  • Facilitation skills in one-on-one or small group settings
  • Organizational skills, flexibility and reliability
  • Willingness to maintain strict confidentiality
  • Ability to work both independently and collaborate as a team member
  • Have your own advance directive or willingness to go through the process

Note: For those planning to integrate the learned skills into their scope of work, there may be a training fee. We are happy to give you more information.

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